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Visions of Mount Lebanon 2010 Photo Collection

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A collection of individually printed photographs accompanying the 2010 exhibition, Visions of Mount Lebanon. These beautiful photographs of the scenes and people of both the Shaker past and the present at Mount Lebanon capture a special sense of place, and are ready for framing.

"The exhibition Visions of Mount Lebanon brings together a wide range of perspectives on and responses to a historic and singular place, Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. In celebration of its sixtieth anniversary, the Shaker Museum and Library invited a group of artists, the general public, and students from three local schools to share their "visions" of Mount Lebanon by submitting photographs made at this National Historic Landmark site.

Mount Lebanon was the Central Ministry and leading community of America's Shaker movement from 1787 to 1947, and was once home to some 600 residents in 150 buildings spread across thousands of acres of land. The Shakers' village left an indelible mark on the landscape, particularly in the ingenious, spare, yet largely proportioned and finely wrought buildings that reflect a specific belief system of community and religion - of a paradise on earth. The photographs in this exhibition record what that imprint, that paradise, looks like and how effectively Mount Lebanon Shaker Village communicates to artists and picture makers today."

-Jeff L. Rosenheim, Curator of Photographs, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.