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The World Turned Upside Down (CD)

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Barry Phillips and Friends explore the colorful variety of music popular in late 18th and early 19th century America, from elegant Colonial drawing rooms to homely frontier hearths to rollicking waterside taverns. The title tune, according to legend, was played by Cornwallis' surrendering troops at Yorktown; the album also includes dances and folk songs (All The Pretty Little Horses, Rights of Man, Fisher's Hornpipe, Love in a Village) along with a suite of early American classical music by the Boston master William Billings. As always, liner notes provide colorful background history of the music and the times.

1. The World Turned Upside Down 2:42 2. Love in a Village / Love Forever 3:05 3. The Rights of Man 3:20 4. When Jesus Wept 3:46 5. Billings Suite 3:48 6. Dutchess of Brunswick 2:21 7. Young Widow/Black Joke 2:22 8. New German Spa 3:59 9. All The Pretty Little Horses 3:13 10. Sweet Richard 4:07 11. Fisher's Hornpipe / Patterson's Hornpipe 4:55 12. Rights of Conscience 4:19