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The Story of the Shakers (Revised Edition)

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Featuring a new introduction, a compassionate look at a religious movement that shaped America.

"Put your hands to work and your hearts to God," Mother Ann Lee told her spiritual children more than 200 years ago. In the nineteenth century, Shaker communities sprang up in cities and towns across America, built on a foundation of faith, hard work, pacifism, and celibacy. Today, as the number of Shakers has dwindled to only a handful, the story of the Shakers has never been more important to record and understand.

In this updated classic featuring a brand-new introduction, Flo Morse offers a stimulating, graceful summary of Shaker beliefs and the way of life that still endures among a chosen few.

  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 112
  • Publisher: Countryman Press
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-58157-341-1