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Simple Gifts (CD)

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Exuberant dance tunes, lively marches and reverent hymns were part of the daily lives and worship of the Shakers, who flourished in mid-19th century America. Like their highly-prized crafts, the Shakers' music was an outward expression of their faith and celebrated their ideals of simplicity and love. Barry Phillips and William Coulter, along with guest artists Shelley Phillips, Mike Marshall, Robin Petrie and others, create exquisite blends of guitar, cello, fiddle, mandolin, flute, harp and dulcimers. From the title track (made famous by Aaron Copland in Appalachian Spring to little-known gems from the Shakers' vast treasury of song, these are melodies born directly of the Shakers' spiritual life, yet deeply rooted in the Anglo-American folk tradition - music to cheer the heart and lift the spirit.

Simple Gifts/Lovely Love (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 3:14, Square Check Tune (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 2:57, O Lord Protect Thy Chosen Flock/My Carnal Life I Will Lay Down (arr. Phillips/Coulter) 5:07, Back Manner Tunes (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 3:23, And Now My Dear Companions (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 3:27, My Robe Is New/Mother Ann's Song (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 3:17, Father James's Song/Treasures of the Gospel/I Will Bow and Be Simple (arr. Phillips) 3:06, Mother Ann's Song (arr. Phillips) 2:45, Come and Dance and Sing/Quick Dance (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 4:15, The Saviour's Universal Prayer/And Again Heavenly Father (arr. Phillips) 4:09, Hop Up and Jump Up/Simple Gifts (arr. Coulter/Phillips) 3:29