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Sausage-making Workshop

  • $20.00

Saturday, August 4, 10:30 – 12:30, Mount Lebanon

The Shakers depended on meat to maintain strong bodies. According to Elder Henry C. Blinn, "If the food that we eat to sustain life has anything to do with the ruling of our mind or body, and a large class of intelligent people, today, entertain that thought, it becomes highly important, especially for those of the Christian faith, to examine the subject with great care."

In this workshop, participants will work in the kitchen of the historic Forge at Mount Lebanon as they learn how to make hand-crafted, all-beef sausage by following a Shaker recipe. Phoebe Young of New Lebanon Baloney will lead the workshop. 

Phoebe Sample Young was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, the home of Oscar Mayer. Young uses beef exclusively from the American heritage line of Randall cattle, which her friend and neighbor Cynthia Creech saved from extinction more than twenty-five years ago. The beef is fully grass-fed, and its purple-red and intensely deep, earthy flavor and beautiful yellow fat give the baloney incredible fullness. 

Registration is open. Limited to 10 participants, minimum of 5.


  • The Forge
  • Historic Mount Lebanon Shaker Village
  • 202 Shaker Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125
  • 10:30AM – 12:30PM

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