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Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker Eldress

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Gifts of Power records Rebecca Jackson's spiritual journey as a woman with a divine calling, from her awakening through her discovery of Shakerism and the founding of her own community. She describes a wide variety of visionary experiences, including mysterious prophetic dreams and supernatural "gifts of power" (such as the ability to control the weather by prayer). The dream visions give access to a world in which laws of nature are violated with ease. The physical body left behind, the dreamer soars into the air, and is given flashes of understanding about both the physical universe and the spiritual world. Jackson's visionary dreams also show her confronting fears of racial and sexual violence; working out an understanding of the mother aspect of the godhead; and even resolving conflicts that arose in her relationships with brother, husband, spiritual companions, and Shaker leaders.

  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 376
  • Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press
  • Publication Year: 1981
  • ISBN: 0870232991