Shaker Museum To Expand To New Building In Downtown Chatham

The Shaker Museum announced Monday that it has acquired a four-floor, 30,000-square foot building in downtown Chatham, New York. The museum owns and manages the Shaker Village at Mount Lebanon. Now, it will have its first space to display 18,000 archival pieces that explore life inside the utopian Protestant community that existed at the village […]

Shaker Museum Taps Selldorf Architects

Shaker Museum today announced that it has selected Selldorf Architects to create its new permanent facility in downtown Chatham, New York to exhibit its comprehensive collection of more than 18,000 pieces of Shaker material culture and accompanying archives. Like the objects themselves, the physical building will embody Shaker values of inclusion, innovation, and equality to […]

“There is a mutual friendship which has developed”: How the Shakers helped build the Shaker Museum

This July, Shaker Museum celebrates its 70th anniversary. The Museum and much of the collection exists today because of the vision and efforts of founder John S. Williams, but credit is also due to the Shakers, who came to like and trust Williams but were also deeply invested in preserving their history. John Stanton Williams, […]

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