Chest of Drawers

Yellow washed chest of drawers, Mount Lebanon, NY

ca. 1840

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New York, Mount Lebanon
Church Family

Chest of drawers with pine top, ends, bottom, back, all drawer rails except top, solid divider between half-width drawers and full-width ones, and partition. Drawers have basswood (curly) fronts, sides, and backs. Four half-width drawers plus top three full-width drawers have bottoms glued-up of white pine and spruce; bottom three drawers have spruce bottoms. Cherry knobs. Fourth full drawer has spruce divider has spruce divider running the full width of the drawer in center. Top full drawer has iron half-mortise lock. Painted or washed with yellow paint, varnished over (?).


73 x 43 x 19 1/2 in. (185.4 x 109.2 x 49.5 cm)


May have been made by the same cabinetmaker as case 1950.555.1, due to the similar proportions and joinery.

Rieman, Timothy D. and Jean M. Burks. The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture. p. 114. John T. Kirk and Jerry V. Grant, "Forty Untouched Masterpieces of Shaker Design," The Magazine Antiques 135 (May, 1989)

New York, Mount Lebanon

New York,  Mount Lebanon

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1950.555.1 - Chest of Drawers - Case of ten drawers stained or washed red, Mount Lebanon, NY


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