Iron, Seat

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New York, Mount Lebanon

Jigger iron with a carved wooden handle. The iron's head is cut at an obtuse angle making a mouth. At mouth's center is a small protrusion. The bottom edge of mouth is shorter than upper edge. Head of iron is rectangular and curved. It tapers from the head to create the iron's tang. On the back of the iron just before it joins the handle there is a triangular lip, which creates a small gap 1/8" between the lip and the handle. The handle is circular at the joint and widens for 5/8". From this point, the bottom of the handle curves inward and straightens out. The top of the handle is straight and begins to taper 2 1/8" from the end. The base of the handle comes to a thin edge.


11 5/8 x 7/8 x 3/4 in. (29.5 x 2.3 x 2.0 cm)

New York, Mount Lebanon

New York,  Mount Lebanon

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1961.12839.1 - Bench, Cobbler's - Shoemaker's bench attributed to Brother Richard B. Woodrow, Mount Lebanon, NY


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