Members-Only Tour of the Meeting House

The Mount Lebanon Shaker Meetinghouse is designated as one of New York State’s most important examples of vernacular architecture. Erected at a time when Shakers had experienced an amazing period of growth and felt confident in their future, the Mount Lebanon Meetinghouse is an example of one of the Shakers’ most substantial and innovative buildings.

Join us for this exclusive members-only tour of the Mount Lebanon Shaker Meetinghouse, which is currently used by the Darrow School. Jerry Grant will walk you through the history of the Meetinghouse and its importance in the lives of Mount Lebanon Shakers. Renew your membership or join today for special access tours like these!

Sep 21, 2019, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

110 Darrow Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125

518-794-9100 x220

Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of Shaker objects, archives, and books, and stewards the historic North Family site at Mount Lebanon, the founding community of the Shakers. The Shaker Museum was founded in 1950 by John S. Williams, Sr. on his farm in Old Chatham, New York. Beginning in the 1930s, Williams traveled extensively to then-active Shaker communities and collected examples of their arts, industries, and domestic life, as well as spiritual artifacts. His approach was that of an anthropologist documenting the decline of a culture. Today the museum’s collection is a prime resource for scholars and curators. In 2004, the museum became the owner and steward of the North Family site at Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, consisting of 11 Shaker buildings on 91 acres, and the museum’s name was changed from Shaker Museum & Library to Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon. The Mount Lebanon site is open year-round, with a visitor center and shop open seasonally. The Old Chatham site, which houses collections storage, the library, and the administrative offices, is open year-round by appointment.