Views of the North Family Shakers at Mt. Lebanon, New York, No. 36. Sister Eliza Rayson

Sister Eliza Rayson (1834 -1909 ) seated in a chair that, by the angle of its arms, appears to be a rocking chair.

None of the furnishings in the room appear to be Shaker-made. High on the wall to the left of Sr. Eliza's head is a framed piece of printed poetry that appears to be a copy of a piece titled, "Table Monitor."

  • Photograph, cabinet
  • Photographer: James E. West
  • Accession Number: 1950.004079

Presented to the Shaker Museum|Mount Lebanon by Mrs. Julia Clough, West Lebanon, NY, in August 1950. Mrs. Clough was once a Shaker Sister, Julia Matilda (Mintie) Dalton. She joined the Shakers on July 11, 1876, but eventually left and married, Henry Terry Clough, also a Shaker at Mount Lebanon.