Photographs held by the Shaker Museum|Mount Lebanon fall into two major categories

First, primary source photographs, which we consider to be those photographs printed from negatives or digital files created during the period of Shaker occupation at any given Shaker community, and second, research photographs, which may be documentary photographs made after the Shakers left a community.

Primary photographs include stereographs, cabinet cards and other mount photographs, cartes-de-visite, snapshots, picture postcards, films, videos, and digital files. Research photographs include, documentary photographs, both prints and transparencies, of Shaker buildings and landscape features created by the Museum, copies of primary photographs in other collections, photographs of Shaker objects, and photographs, both prints and transparencies, contributed by students of the Shakers and tourists.

Online photography catalog

Made Possible by support from the Leon Levy Foundation. A searchable catalog of over 2,200 historic photographs from the library’s collection is available online.

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