Household & Workshop Accessories


March 09, 2015

This group of four buckets were used in the kitchen at the Canterbury Shakers to hold the quantities of rice, beans, and oatmeal that were necessary.

Larger quantities were stored in bags, bins, and barrels. To further support their use in the kitchen, two of the buckets have the letter “K” incised on its bottom.

  • Wood, metal, paint, steel, wire
  • Accession Numbers: 1953.6355.1 (rice), 1955.7174.1 (rice), 1957.8957.1 (oatmeal), 1957.10761.1 (beans)

All four buckets are constructed in a manner associated with the Shakers in New Hampshire – that is the staves are joined together with a “v”-shaped joint that aligned the staves.

Three of the buckets were purchased from the Shakers at Canterbury and the forth was purchased from Eldress Emma B. King at Hancock. It is likely that since Eldress Emma was from Canterbury, the bucket most likely came from Canterbury, but the transaction took place at Hancock.