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Collection Feature: Dessert Dish 1887

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Dessert Dish 1887, Mount Lebanon North Family 

On October 12, 1886 Benjamin Gates, Cornelia French, and Mary Hazard of the Church Family traveled to New York City to order plates from Union Porcelain Works. On February 20, 1887 a note in Anna Dodgson's journal refers to new plates with "Shaker & c". These are the only dishes marked with a community name.

Catalog Details

Around the interior rim of this white porcelain dish are two thin black lines with a light-green stripe 1/4" wide in between them making a border. Underneath the border is light-green text, in all caps, which reads "SHAKERS MT. LEBANON N.Y." The font of the text has a white outline giving the lettering a three-dimensional quality when viewed up-close. To the right of the text there is a pink floral bouquet design. It consists of a brown and green stem with dual-green leaves, and three pink flowers. Two of the pink flowers are large and their petals each surround a yellow floral disc. The third flower is made up of two petals. Opposite the pink floral bouquet is a blue one. This also consists of a brown and green stem with dual-green leaves and two blue flowers. One blue flower has five petals around a yellow floral disc with the second flower being made up of three small petals.