Ralph Gardner Jr: Labor Is A Form Of Worship

WAMC commentator Ralph Gardner, Jr. talks about the Shakers and a recent exhibition of Shaker baskets from Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon at the Columbia County Historical Society.

Quiet March to a Warring Song, a Shaker-influenced group art exhibition

Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon is pleased to present Quiet March to a Warring Song, a group exhibition curated by resident artist Amie Cunat. The show will be on view Fridays through Mondays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Shaker Forge at the museum’s historic Mount Lebanon site in New Lebanon, NY from May […]

Meeting on the Mountain

In a Mount Lebanon Church Family journal, Eldress Polly Reed describes a special worship meeting that took place on August 19, 1856 at the “Pinacle,” and wrote a poem to commemorate what she describes as a “glorious feast.” Eldress Polly was an accomplished artist, credited with creating more than fifty of the spiritually inspired works […]

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